Course Rules

  1. Live by the rules of the trail. Keep to the right when coming up to a hiker, runner, individual. Give the faster individuals the right of way.
  2. NO LITTERING! Anyone caught littering will be disqualified from the event and future events. Leave no trace, only footprints.
  3. Runners will yield when making road crossings and will cross in a safe manner.
  4. Crew can support runner at all aid stations along the route. Pacers are allowed to join their runners after dark (4:36pm) at any aid station regardless of runner location on the course. Pacers must have a pacer bib and will be accounted for at all times.
  5. All racers MUST check in & check out at ALL checkpoints along the course. Make sure the volunteer takes your race number.
  6. Crew must obey all parking signs at the start/finish and aid stations. Any crew caught not following the rules will result in their runner be disqualified.
  7. Basic first aid kits are at each aid station. We deem the right to pull any runner for medical reasons, at any time.
  8. If you cut the course, you must back track to the point you cut off and complete the intended course in full.
  9. Headphones: we are allowing headphones but please be alert to your surroundings, especially around road crossings. Don’t be the individual to make us change this rule in 2024.
  10. You and your crew are responsible for knowing the racecourse rules.
  11. There is no required gear list. *A mandatory gear list is confirmed for 2025. This decision will be made before registration opens and will be outlined (if adopted) on our website, social media, and Ultrasignup.
  12. *NEW for 2025* There will be NO course markings in 2025. Aid station markings will stay but along the Ice Age Trail there will be zero (0) markings. This in particular came about due to the massive snow in 2024. The snow hid markings and as it melted it exposed flags that had not been picked up. This is not being a good steward to the Ice Age Trail and our environment. We strive to leave no trace and with that in mind we have decided to drastically reduce our potential footprint by not putting out course markings.

Mandatory Gear List

A mandatory gear list is implemented for 2025.

Start Time and Cutoffs

This is Wisconsin in January and we’ve tried to allow time in this unforgiving environment. But be warned. Finisher rate will be seriously low due to the weather. Plan. Plan. Plan.

The race will begin at 9am Saturday.

There is an overall race cutoff of 24 hours. There are two hard cutoffs for runners to hit. The Highway P cutoff will be 8pm. The 45 mile Mauthe Lake cutoff will be 4am.